Burger King in Suzhou

9:41 AM Posted by SirMack

A hamburger with a sesame seed roll.Image via Wikipedia

Great news Burger King has opened in Suzhou at Times Square, on the other side of the lake. The service is slow, the burgers seem smaller than in the US, they messed up my order (I hate pickles) and the manager acted like an arrogant ass but I am still very excited that I can now get a whopper with cheese so easily.

For those of you new to Burger King, eat the french fries quickly as they are very good when hot but horrible when cooled down.


  1. j-pop suki said...

    The service is so slow that i spent 15 mins for 3 hamburgers.

  2. Dave DeWall said...

    All I can find so far in the Philippines is McDonalds but at least the service is good, sure miss the greasy cheeseburgers back in Illinois.

  3. Anonymous said...

    hold the pickel, hold the lettuce

  4. Anonymous said...

    Hey SirMack, do you have some change I can borrow!!!!

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